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Justice Letter Writing Campaigns

Each month, the Mission, Peace and Justice Committee identifies an issue around which we can raise our voices together to advocate for change. We believe that a life of faith requires us to stand up for justice. We invite you to join your voice with ours.

Current Campaign: Anti-LBGTQIA Legislation in Alabama

"The Mission, Peace and Justice Committee is having a letter writing right after service to tell our state representatives to vote NO on HB 401, HB 405, and HB 354... all bills that would harm Alabama's LGBTQ citizens.  Let your voice be heard."  

 And here is a link and a QR code to our new Grace Presbyterian Church: Mission, Peace, and Justice Committee Action Network. This where you can send an email to your representative about this issue (and other future issues as we add them).



Past In-Person Campaigns

  • Fixing Racially Gerrymandered Redistricting Maps
  • Untaxing Groceries
  • Call for Stronger Gun Laws
  • Medicaid Expansion
  • Alabama Department of Public Health Birth Center Regulations
  • Staying the Execution of Alan Eugene Miller